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NEW “Bio Pen Q2” By Dr. Pen 3-in-1 Microneedling Pen With LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent.


The bio pen Q2 is a beauty instrument that integrates Microneedling, EMS Electroporation and LED therapy.

The device is suitable for beauty technicians and home use.  Equipped with an induction base, it stops when the pen is placed and starts when it is off the base.

Triple effects rejuvenation the skin!

Microneedling – EMS Electroporation – LED Skin Thearpy:

25 Pole Pulse EMS Electroporation, stable and average energy, three dimensional cell stimulation.

EMS Microcurrent energy field: The ingenious arrangement of positive and negative poles allows each adjacent needle to form countless combinations of network forms, thus forming a dense microcurrent energy field.

LED Light:

470nm Blue Light

630nm Red Light

Whats in the box:

Bio pen Q2

2 x 25pin cartridge

For Topical and Cosmetic Use Only.


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